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Including what to do when it goes wrong

Embracing our light. (Image courtesy of author)

In the last few years, I’ve seen about ten different energy healers, psychic mediums, and spiritual practitioners. They all show up differently, just as every human being does.

The purpose of this article is to answer some of the questions I had when embarking on this journey. Back then, I…

My top 5 standing out (Source: own). offers you free access if you don’t…

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  • Curious & creative, mother of three gorgeous human beings, an empath, & a happy wife.
  • I love traveling, nature, and language (s), deep conversations, & connections.
  • I can’t live without great coffee, good reads, moving my body, humor, or enough sleep.
  • Moving from duality to oneness — I’ve been in…

I am sorry, please forgive me

The waves of forgiveness washing over us. (Image courtesy of author)

The consequences of human neediness

I think we all are in need. In need of love and full acceptance. We cannot get this from the outside even though we try really hard. The answer can always only be to connect within as the outer world is merely a reflection of the inner world. …

Beware of assumptions

A healthy mother-daughter relationship? (Image courtesy of author)

Everyone perceives life through their own story

Everyone perceives the world through their unique filters and lenses based on personality, life experiences, and background.

I believe that in oneness, only one truth exists but this over-arching truth is divided into infinite parts, depending on which angle an issue is looked at. Truth seems different from each perspective.

This lesson was taught by our cat

Charlie as a kitten: playing with the wrapping paper was entertainment enough! (image courtesy of author)

“To deny ones’ true nature’ and the gifts given you by the gods is to tempt disaster. You cannot hide behind the mask forever.” — Midori Snyder

“Acceptance means events can make it through you without resistance.” — Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

How does “alignment with our true nature” translate into our lives?

What if…

It all ended up much deeper than I first intended

Opposing forces playing inner tug-of-war (image from author’s private collection)

“Team! I am your leader on this Quest! Follow me!” From the outset of their adventure, Master Mouse is hampered by his hilarious and calamitous teammates who don’t even recognize him as their leader. A mouse, a giraffe, a slug and… a pig?!? All perfectly imperfect, how can they possible…

How it feels to put my work out there

My inner saboteur whispering into my ear. Image from writer’s private collection.

This post is part of a series on publishing my first book. Scroll down for links to the other articles in the series.

So, I’ve published my first book. It’s sitting there, waiting to be read. I am, however, not 100% sure if I even want it to be read.

How to turn a word document into an actual book

I had to gulp. Was self-publishing really the way forward? (source: own)

I’ve just published my first book! Writing the story was the quickest and easiest part. The story was beautiful and flowed well. The water-color illustrations were gorgeous. I had a book! Well, not quite. I had a word document and jpeg images of the illustrations.

How would I turn this…


I believe the only way forward for us is when every human being is willing to heal — this includes walking through pain. Read about it at:

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