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My top 5 sticking out! (Source: own.)

This is me (source: own)

About me

  • Curious & creative, mother of three gorgeous human beings, an empath, & a happy wife.
  • I love traveling, nature, and language (s), deep conversations, & connections.
  • I can’t live without great coffee, good reads, moving my body, humor, or enough sleep.
  • I am duality –I’ve been in the deepest depths working my way towards bliss.

I believe we can heal our world by healing each other, one by one. This requires inner work and that each one of us takes on the responsibility for who we truly are.

About my writing

  • I write about my healing journey and what I’ve learned.
  • I write…

Richtige Ernährung spielt eine entscheidende Rolle (eigenes Bild).

Mir war klar, dass mein Körper Energie braucht, um zu funktionieren. Die Komplexität meiner wunderbaren „Körpermaschinerie“ war mir bis vor einigen Jahren allerdings nicht bewusst — und mir auch auch nicht klar, dass einfaches Kalorienzählen nicht reicht, um den Bedürfnissen meines Körper gerecht zu werden.

Mein Körper führt ständig umfangreiche Aufgaben aus, ohne, dass ich ihn darum bitte, z.B., mein Blut durch meine Venen pumpen, meine Haare und Fingernägel wachsen lassen oder meine Zellen erneuern. Zusätzlich stehen außergewöhnliche Aufgaben auf dem Programm, wie das Ankurbeln des Immunsytems, um eine Infektion abzuwenden, oder das Heilen meiner Knochen nach einem Bruch.


My left knee was injured. Would I ever be able to hike again? (Source: own)

My left knee was in shatters.

I had an ACL (Anterior Crucial Ligament) reconstruction done on my left knee.

This journey started four months earlier when I injured my knee in a taekwondo accident. It was an epic jump kick (sadly, no one filmed it!), but the landing on my left foot was not as epic. I collapsed on the floor howling with pain. I knew I had done serious damage.

I was bound to crutches, or more accurately, to the sofa for the next few weeks. I am usually an active person. Prior to my knee injury, I did taekwondo twice per week, yoga once…

My new view on perfectionism.

Accepting the beauty —“I am enough.” (Source: own)

I recently discovered a deep pattern. When I observe my mind, I find an incessant chatter of:

  • Past mishaps
  • Words better not said
  • Situations I should have handled more maturely

… all running in an infinite loop.

Why is that so?

What is the common ground in these thinking patterns?

What does my mind want to achieve by replaying stories of the past?

What is the common denominator?

Then, it hit me. It’s all about disappointment. Disappointment with myself:

  • I should have done better
  • I could have done better
  • I should not have said this
  • I should have controlled myself…

Divine guidance illuminating the path (source: own).

I used to be a skeptic. I did not believe in anything supernatural.

A mid-life challenge and years of healing changed my views.

I’d like to share my way of communicating with the Divine. It might help you master the courage to step onto your own path.

Ultimately, you have to develop your own “code”. This may seem daunting at first, so if feelings of overwhelm come rushing in now, take a deep breath, let them float away, and focus on the first step. Once you’ve mastered that, focus on the next step, and so forth. …

Connecting with my intuition — illuminating the path ahead. (Source: own)

There are many voices in our heads.

It can seem challenging to connect with our intuition. At least for me, it is.

There are many voices in my head: my own, my parents, my teachers, my friends, society’s.

My mind is always going over old conversations and situations, often scolding me for allegedly inappropriate behavior, or warning me of potential dangers to avoid pain, fear, or other unpleasant experiences.

On top of this, we are presented with enormous amounts of information each day, which are impossible to process from a human perspective. I often feel overwhelmed when deciding. I easily fall into a rabbit hole when I…

Climbing mountain after mountain on my way to enlightenment — does this ever end? (Source: own)

Self-growth. Inner journey. Personal development.

Buzz words that never resonated with me until I stumbled into the field of self-exploration for myself.

I’ve been on this journey for almost eight years and still frequently ask myself:

  • Why should I do this?
  • Why do I even bother?
  • What’s the point?
  • Is this ever going to end?

Mere accident started me on my inner journey, or so it seemed back then.

In hindsight, this was a beautifully orchestrated entry point towards inner growth, but when I first walked through the door, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


You are beautiful (source: own).

During one of my meditations, I received the call to serve as a messenger.

I truly wish for the words offered to kindle new hope in you.

Me: “I am now asking you to channel through me according to the highest light and resonance and vibration in alignment with my Higher Self and Christ consciousness, the divine feminine and the divine masculine.”

The Divine: “We have been with you for so many years, though here in our dimension time is not an issue. Time is only linear in your dimension. We have always been in contact with you and always…


The only way forward for us is when every human being is willing to heal. This can be challenging. I am sharing my own experiences with the hope to help — you!

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